Frequently Asked Questions

Owner’s Stay Policy

We allow owners to use the property as much as they like.  You will have access to an owner’s portal so they can see availability and block off times you want to reserve your cabin.  We do ask that owner’s pay for cleaning when your visit is completed so we can assure the next guest stay begins with the cleanliness standards we expect.  You are also welcome to contact us and we will block off the dates for you.

Owners Portal

You have access to your properties so you can book them for when you want to stay there.  You can also shee the occupancy, revenue, etc., of your property(s) at any time.

Management Fee

We charge a very competitive rate that is a percentage of rental revenue.  We also charge $100 a month as a service fee which includes the cost of the technology we use to help manage and secure your cabin (camera(s), door lock, thermostat, etc.,).  This also covers costs for direct booking website(s), dynamic pricing tools, marketing, etc.

Steps For a Brand New Rental

Please see our “list your home” page for steps to listing your new STR.  If you are still shopping for a rental and would like our feedback on a specific address or general guidance on which cabins do better in the area you are looking to buy, please let us know.  If you already have a property you want to list, we are happy to provide feedback on potential earnings, ideas for improvements to increase earnings, etc.,

How to Switch Rental Companies

The first thing you want to do is find out how much notice is required.  Once you know this, let us know and we will build out the timeline to make the transition. In most cases, we can list the property as soon as the other management company is given notice so we can book for future dates outside their management window. 

Management Contracts

We will provide a copy of a contract so you have time to review it, discuss it with us, and make modifications if necessary.  It is more of a document so both of us know who is responsible for what and provide quick reference if needed.  We allow owners to cancel at any time with no cost or advanced notice required.  If for some reason we needed to cancel, we would provide at least 60 days notice so you have time to figure out a replacement. We will work with new property managers to make sure there is a smooth transition and no existing bookings are impacted.  Similarly, if we are taking over for an existing management company, we will work with them so existing bookings aren’t impacted.

Deep Cleaning

When we begin hosting a STR for you, we will walk through it and determine if a deep clean is needed.  If needed, we will arrange for that to be taken care of and let you know the cost before authorizing it.  Throughout the timeframe of managing your STR, we will let you know if we feel a deep clean is needed.  The frequency depends on the location of the cabin, amount of use, etc.

Hot Tubs

We clean the hot tub after every guest.  This includes draining when needed, testing chemical levels and adding chemicals as needed.  The cost of the hot tub cleaning is paid by the guests. If there is a mechanical issue, we will notify you and proceed with getting it repaired based on your direction.

Lawn Care

Each owner can choose their own lawn care. If you want a recommendation, we will provide one.  You can also put them on a schedule and coordinate payment, etc.  If we observe issues or receive feedback about the lawn care condition, we will let you know.

Pest Control

Each owner can choose their own pest control. If you want a recommendation, we will provide one.  You can also put them on a schedule and coordinate payment, etc.  If we observe issues or receive feedback on pests issues that need attention, we will let you know.


If you have a fireplace and/or a firepit, we recommend providing complimentary fire wood to guests.  It is a small cost to you but a big convenience to guests if they dont have to buy it, lug it around, etc. We will manage firewood levels the same way we do other supplies. 


We take care of purchasing and managing supplies for you.  Toilet paper, paper towels, laundry pods, dishwasher pods, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hot tub chemicals, linens, towels, etc.  As items need to be replaced, will provide a monthly invoice detailing what was purchased and list of supplies.  We feel this provides you better transparency on your cost to have the rental rather than charging 5-15% more of your revenue and profiting off the difference.

Guest Refunds/Cancellation

Guests are allowed to cancel up to 5 days prior to their stay and receive a full refund. Our experience has shown this provides a greater level of occupancy and rate, while cancellations don’t significantly decrease. 

Guest Reviews
Obtaining five-star reviews is important to us. Accordingly, we have implemented various procedures aimed at obtaining reviews and promptly identifying any obstacles that may hinder a five-star rating. This allows us ample time to rectify any issues that may arise.
State and local taxes
Tax payments depend on the platform. We will work with you to make sure you are aware of the differences in how they are paid.
Depending on the platform used, we will send you a 1099 if we pay you above the IRS threshold.